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1. Our Local Snakes, by Max Schrabisch..


2. Paterson and the Ice Age, by Max Schrabisch


3. Paterson Before the White Man's Advent: Anciently This Locality Was Thickly Wooded and a Tangled Wilderness Abounding With Hills and Dales, Streams and Swamps - Vestiges of the Red Man's Former Presence Still Recognizable Along the Banks of the Passaic, by Max Schrabisch


4. The Great Falls of the Passaic, Grandeur of Cateract While in Original Condition. Geological and Archaeological Note. Changes Wrought Since 1792., by Max Schrabisch,


5. Pompton And Its Lore, Aspects of Region Before the White Man Came. The Aborigine as Lord of the Land. Earliest Invation by the Dutch. Some Records of Indian Deeds., by Max Schrabisch


6. Pompton During The Revolution, Passage of Washington and His Armies - The Mutiny of 1781 - Old Furnace and Cannon Ball Road - Odds and Ends of Historic Interest, by Max Schrabisch


7. Garret Mountain Past and Present, Its Birth During the Trias and its Vicissitudes During the Ice Age - The Indian and His Traces - After the White Man Had Come, by Max Schrabisch


8. The Garret Indian Cavern, Exact Location and Description of Rock - Remains Brought to Light - Inferences to be Drawn from These, by Max Schrabisch.


9. Over Hill and Dale, Beauty of the Wynokie Valley. The Rattlesnake Den, The Deserted Farm on the Hillside, The Boy Scout Camp, by Max Schrabisch.


10. The Garret Mountain Indian Rockhouse, Its Situation and General Character - Types of Remains Unearthed - Conclusions Based on Evidence, by Max Schrabisch


11. Old Totowa, Various Defnitions of the Word - The Savage Dwellers of this Region - Pioneer Families and Their Early Churches, The Revolutionary Artillery Camp, by Max Schrabisch


12. A Visit To Rotten Pond, Observations Made on Trip - Description of Pond - Trespassers Beware - Rotten Pond Versus "Le Grand Lake", by Max Schrabisch


13. Winbeam Mountain, Its Situation - Derivation of Its Name - Botonical and Geological Observations - Legend of the Lost Silver Mine, by Max Schrabisch


14. In the Jersey Highlands, The Call of the Wilderness - Characteristics of the Highlands - The Tramp Up the Mountan Road - Downhill Again, by Max Schrabisch


15. The Kampfe Lake Estate, Its Situation in the New Jersey Highlands - Notes on the Archaean Rocks and Glacial Phenomena, by Max Schrabisch.


16. The Jersey Highlands Viewed Archaeologically, Notes on Kampfe Lake and Vicinity - The Red Man's Hunting Preserve - Probable Route and Trails - Camp Sites and Rock Shelters - Indian Place Names, by Max Schrabisch


17. Early Days of Butler and Vicinity, The First White Settlers - The Hessian Influx - Founding of Carmantown - Revolutuionary Momentoes, by Max Schrabisch


18. Topography of the Kampfe Lake Region, The Mansion and Its Appurtenances - Civilization and Wilderness - Torne Mountain, by Max Schrabisch


19. The Fire Lookout on Bearfort Mountain, The Trip from Butller - The Tower on the Mountain Top - The Forest Fire Service - Magnificent Vistas - Geological Jottings, by Max Schrabisch


20. Viewpoints In And Around Paterson, Splendid Vistas From first Watchung Mountain - Totowa, Goffle and Snake Hills, Hook Mountain and From Lower Pacanac Mountain, by Max Schrabisch


21. Viewpoints in the City of Paterson, Charming Prospects from High and Beech Mountains, from the Upper Pacanac Ridge, Bald Mountain and Federal Hill, by Max Schrabisch


22. Aboriginal Haunt On Federal Hill, A Vanished Race - Sitiuation of Federal Hill - The Haunt Described - Exploration of Its Interior, Scarcity of Remains and How To Interpret Them, by Max Schrabisch (Also available in German as Article # 217.)


23. Interesting Journey Into New Scenes, Across North Jersey - Easton the Picturesque - Up the Romantic Lehigh County, by Max Schrabisch.


24. A Naturalist's Researches in a Pocono Mountain Wilderness, Exploring Along the Upper Lehigh and Surrounding Mountains - The Lone Farmstead - A Hilltop Lookout - The Indian's Workshop - The Ancient Dwellers of This Region - Rock-rimmed Lehigh River - A Prehistoric Rock Shelter, by Max Schrabisch

25. The Upper Preakness Clove and Its Points of Interest, Situation of Clove - Its Physiognomy - Momentoes of the Aborigine - Site of and Ancient Trail - Its Floral Wealth, by Max Schrabisch


26. By Lake And Mountain, Through Northern Passaic County - Greenwood Lake - The Indian Rockhouse - Across Bearfort Mountain - Homeward Bound, by Max Schrabisch


27. Glacial Lake Passaic, Possible Causes of Glaciation - Ice Age in New Jersey - Birth of Glacial Lake Passaic - Evidence as to its Former Existence -Disappearance of Lake - Pre Glacial Drainage, by Max Schrabisch


28. In Wintry Woods, Motering Up Pequannock Valley - Hasks Pond - Searching for a Rockhouse - Rocky Wilderness-At the Caretaker's Lodge, by Max Schrabisch


29. The Cannon Ball Road, Uncertainty of Its Route - Probable Reasons for Building It - Vindication of Martin John Ryerson - The Ringwood Furnace and the War of 1812, by Max Schrabisch


30. Vander Cornhead's Thrilling Adventure, Turnips Corners the Idyllic - Introduces the Wiseacre - A Hair Raising Tale - Its Dramatic Climax and Denouement, by Max Schrabisch


31. Claudius Smith, the Tory Chief, Loyalist Activities in General - Sketch of Smith's Career - His Capture and Execution - The Scourage of Ramapo Mountain - Some of His Princupal Dens, by Max Schrabisch


32. Extinct Brooks of Paterson, Original Aspect of This Tract - Garret Rock Brook - Dark Brook and Tributary - Bunker Hill Brook - Tenth Avenue Brook - Morlot Bridge Brook - Vreeland Avenue Tannery Brook and Tributary, By Max Schrabisch


33. Wild Life I Have Met, Man the Great Destroyer - Master Bruin - Catamounts and Wild Cats - Master Raynerd - Virginia Deer - A Hapless Porcupine, by Max Schrabisch


34. Wild Life I Have Met, Lesser Wild Creatures - Chipmunks and Squirrels - The Weasel - The Muskrat - The Skunk-The Rabbit - The Raccoon - The Woodchuck - The ' Possum, by Max Schrabisch


35. Wild Life I Have Met, The White headed or Bald Eagle - The Turkey Buzzard - The Snowy Owl, by Max Schrabisch


36. Wild Life I Have Met, The Rattlesnake and Its Dens - Popular Fallicies Concerning It - The Cooperhead - An Experience in Its Haunts - The Blacksnake - Meeting a Monster, by Max Schrabisch


37. In The Land of The Jackson Whites, Primitive Dwellers of the Hills - Their Scattered Abodes - A Strange Mixture of Races - Signs of Moral and Mental Advancement, by Max Schrabisch


38. Study of Trees in City Streets, Importance of Trees to Man - Native and Introduced Trees - Evergreens and Deciduous Trees - The Ginko of Sacred Tree of the Orient, by Max Schrabisch


39. Eastside Park and Some of Its Trees, Range and Habitat of Trees - Their Physiognomy in Winter - The Evergreens - The Hardwood Trees, by Max Schrabisch


40. Our Study of Local Trees, An Unexpected Abundance of Species - Their Identification in Winter - Endemic Trees - Imported Trees - The Sin of reckless Destruction, by Max Schrabisch


41. Some Interesting Trees in Paterson, Our Friends the Trees - The Sweet Gum - A Large White Oak - Lombardy Poplars - White Maples - The Hemlocks, by Max Schrabisch


42. Motoring Through the Hudson Highlands, On the Way to Nyak - Stony Point and Its Storied Past - Bear Mountain and Vicinity - The Palisades Interstate Park, by Max Schrabisch


43. The Wilderness of Bearfort Mountain, Situation and Extent of Region - Its Geological Story - An Ideal Game Cover- Hardwoods and Evergreens, by Max Schrabisch


44. Romantic Old Greenwood Lake, Its Birth in Glacial Times - Aboriginal Camp Sites - The Need of Good Roads -A Mountain Climb, by Max Schrabisch


45. Some Indian Sites at Haledon and Vicinity, How to Account for Abundance of Remains - Topography of Region - Situation of Camping Grounds - Pottery Sites - Presumable Course of Ancient Trails, by Max Schrabisch


46. In Fresh Fields and Pastures New, Spring's Awakening - A Lone Place - King Ice and His Work - The Spring Hole - A Hilltop Outlook, by Max Schrabisch


47. Spring Notes From Paugu-un-auke, Birds and Flowers - By the Hohokus - Rambling Over Campgaw Ridge - An Unlooked for Find, by Max Schrabisch.


48. Sauntering Through Fields and Woods, The Advancing Season - By the Mill Pond - Memento Mori - Indian Camp Sites, by Max Schrabisch


49. Observations A-Field, The Dutch Pioneers - Botanical Notes - The Backroad - A Fine Coign of Vantage, by Max Schrabisch


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