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101. A Day In The Mountains, On the Hillside Path - The Glamor of Romance - The Outlook from Claud's Den - Brawling Streams and Woodland Bogs, by Max Schrabisch


102. A Charming Highland Valley, Longwood Valley in Morris County - Geological Features - Vestiges of the Red Man- Deserted Farmsteads - The Proccesion of the Flowers, by Max Schrabisch


103. In Nature's Wild Garden, The North Haledon Valley - Among the Cedar Trees - An Abandoned Farm - Buttermilk Falls - Woodland Flowers - The Red Man, His Mark, by Max Schrabisch


104. Tuxedo Park, The Plutocrats' Retreat - Topographic Features - Historical Notes - Aboriginal Momentoes - Lovely Wild Flowers, by Max Schrabisch


105. By Auto To Owen's Cave, Its Situation and Environs - Description of Cavern - The Work of Exploration - A Remarkable Prehistioric Haunt - Minor Discoveries, by Max Schrabisch


106. In The New York Highlands, Their Situation and Extent - A Famous Landmark - Treasures Galore - The White Squatter - General Conclusions, by Max Schrabisch


107. The North Jersey Country Club, An Ideally Situated Tract - The Green Brook Farm - Alterations Effected - The Glacial Isle, by Max Schrabisch


108. Sojourning In Pike County, Away From the Beaten Track - A Semi-Wilderness - Points of Interest - The Red Man's Hunting Ground, by Max Schrabisch


109. In The Hills of Sullivan County, Washington Lake - Panther Den - Aboriginal Rock Abodes - The Minisink Battle Ground - A Woodland Saunter, by Max Schrabisch


110. Gordon Pupils Show Talent, Give Pleasing Recital to Crowded Auditorium in Y.M.C.A., No byline. ( Reportedly, Max Schrabisch taught for the Macy Gordon School of Music in Paterson, N.J. This has yet to be verified.)


111. The Old Andover Mine Tract:(D.A.R. Notes Used), Max Schrabisch


112. A Jaunt Through the Mountains: Suffern the Picturesque and Historical - Ruggedness and Floral Wealth of the Ramapos - An Ancient Mountain Swamp, by Max Schrabisch


113. Anthropologists Honor Mr. Schrabisch: Requested to Prepare Paper for Annual Meeting of National Society, no byline


114. New Jersey Rich In Revolutionary Lore: Contains Sites Which Will Repay Visit and Inspection - Washington's Army Camps Numerous and Several Important Actions of the War Were Enacted in Northern Part of State - Interesting Review of Stirring Events Given Before Daughters of the Revoultion by Max Schrabisch, no byline


115. Our Early Wild Flowers, by Max Schrabisch


116. The Succession Of The Flowers, by Max Schrabisch


117. High Mountain, by Max Schrabisch


118. The Minisink Country and Its Lore: General Aspects Of The Region - The Red Man's Hunting Ground - The Land Of Tom Quick - The Battle Of Minisink Ford, by Max Schrabisch


119. Rockshelter On Moffatt Estate: Ancient Indian Rockhouse Recently Discovered at Sloatsburg, N.Y., by Max Schrabisch


120. A Day At Riverby: My Visit at the Home of John Burroughs, by Max Schrabisch


121. The American Indian: Paper Read by William H. Rauchfuss Before Godwin Chapter, S.A.R., Willam H. Rauchfuss, D.C. (With assistance of Max Schrabisch.) Paterson, N.J. Oct, 17, 1922.


122. Passaic Falls and Its Lore, by Max Schrabisch, State Archaeologist,The High School Spectator, Vol XII, Paterson, N.J


123. OLD CHEHOCTON, General Remarks, A Chehocton Rock Haunt, Ancient Fishing Camps, Some Sheltering Ledges, The Portage Path, The Prehistoric Dwellers of This Region, by Max Schrabisch


124. Weasel Drift Road: An Early Thoroughfare, The Weasel Drift, The Revolutionary Outpost, Demand For A Change Of Name, Discarding The Old Names, by Max Schrabisch.


125. Mountain Haunts of the Coastal Algonquian, by Max Schrabisch


126. Early History of Bloomingdale and Vicinity: The First white Settlers, by Max Schrabisch


127. The Founding of Carmantown, by Max Schrabisch,


128. Woman and the Suffrage, by Max Schrabisch


129. Seven Million Fiddles, by Max Schrabisch


130. The Ragtime Fiend, by Max Schrabisch


131. Professor Schrabisch, no by line ( article relates Max's encounter with a copperhead and a rattlesnake)


132. A Great Sussex Curiosity, by Max Schrabisch


133.The Ancient Haunt of the Redman, Moody's Rock and Other Indian Sites Along the Muckshaw Ponds, by Max Schrabisch


134. The Historic Wallkill, by Max Schrabisch


135.(A) The Paterson Region Prior To The Coming Of The White Man: The Forest Primeval - A Rolling Tract Of CountryVanished Watercourses - The Great Swamp - Wild Life - Aboriginal Habitations - The Oldest House by Max Schrabisch


136.(B) A Paterson Museum Curiousity: Fragment of a Bone of Tertiary Age Unearthed in Bone Cave Near Cumberland Maryland - An Ossuary of Many Species of Animals, Most of Them Now Extinct, no by line


137.(C) Super-Animals: , by Max Schrabisch


138.(D) Max Schrabisch - The Human Library - A Modern Ulysses, no byline


139.(E) Passaic Falls And Its Past: The Witchery Of The Place, Geological Factors - The Saga Of The Redman - Deer's Leap Early White Men's Visits - The Perplexing Discovery, by Max Schrabisch


140.(F) A Lake Hopatcong Indian Rock Shelter: An Interesting Landmark Of The Former Presence Hereabouts Of The Vanished Race - Interpretation of the Cultural Remains Unearthed Under Its Roof., no byline


141.(G) The Old Andover Mine Tract: (D.A.R. Notes Used), by Max Schrabisch


142.(H) Indian Censures Max Schrabisch, no byline


143.(I) Max Schrabisch, Geologist, Badly Injured By Automoblie, Well Known Research Worker Is Painfully Hurt When Struck by Machine While Crossing the Viaduct at Pearl and Summer Streets, no byline


144.(J) Reply to Walter J. Reeve: Editor Herald News: " On reading Mr Reeve's reply to our letter favoring birth control published in The Herald News under date of November 23, we are again reminded of the fact that none is so blind as he who cannot or will not see." Article continues for three paragraphs with the following names and date appearing at the end. "Max Schrabisch, Fred Lanting, Paterson, December 6, no byline


145.(K) N.J. Estate Mounds Show Traces Of Revolutionay War Camp. Site of Gen. Knox's Activities Found, by Max Schrabisch


146.(L) Finding West Brookfield Indian Rock House,Remains of the Primitive Culture of the Red Man May Be Seen in Secluded Regions of County,by Max Schrabisch


147.(M) Indian Shelter Exhibit Completed At Paterson Museum, Work of Federici, Schrabisch and Williams no byline.


148.(N) Romantic Minisink Ford, Description of the Region, The Redman And His Vestiges, The Battle On The Mountain Top, by Max Schrabisch


149.(O) "Untitled Article" sub-titles; Rock Shelters and Caves, Twenty-five Rock Dwellings, Horsestable Rock, a Rich Find of Relics, One of the Smallest Shelters, Preakness Rendezvous Ideal, A Shelter in Paterson, no byline


150.(P) "Untitled Article", subheadings; A Pompton Curiosity, Aboriginal Repasts, The Paterson Rockhouse, A Place of Feasting, The Wolf Clan of the Lenni Lenape, Odd Facts About Rock Shelters: two photo inserts, "Mr. Schrabisch at the Shelter in Upper Preakness Clove, Near Paterson", " Lake Macopin Shelter", no byline,



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