John Recht
for First Vice Chairman

Hi, my name is John Recht and I'm running for First Vice Chairman. The position has few specified duties besides membership on our governing board, the American Mensa Committee, and on the AMC's Executive Committee. In particular, the First Vice Chairman must take on projects as assigned by the Chairman and must be prepared to assume the position of Chairman if the position becomes vacant during the term.

During my eight years on the board I have taken the initiative on special projects that are important to Mensa's future. As Chair of the Planning Committee, I led the way in the development and implementation of the AMC's first-ever Strategic Plan, including development of the Strategic Dashboard on the AML website. As Chair of the Leadership Development Committee, I have led a team dedicated to increasing the number of new volunteers in American Mensa who are willing and able to serve in elected and appointed positions, giving them confidence and understanding in their roles as leaders and supporting them with resources and training. I am happy to report that American Mensa has made great strides in planning and leadership development during my terms in office, and I intend to continue my support of these efforts when I am elected First Vice Chairman.

Over the course of my years in Mensa I have served in a number of positions at the local, regional, national and international levels. Among them were LocSec, Treasurer, Mediator/Arbitrator, Chair or Co-Chair of four Regional Gatherings, Regional Vice Chairman, Co-Chair of the 2006 Mind Games and Co-Chair of the 2011 AG. I am currently Second Vice Chairman and a member of the Mensa International Board of Directors. My experience has given me a deep understanding of the big picture for Mensa, and I look forward to helping to assure that Mensa will remain a healthy organization, dedicated to creating a stimulating intellectual and social environment for our members.

My goals for American Mensa are as follows: In sum, please vote for me for First Vice Chairman and I will do all I can to build on our success. I hope to see you at the AG in Fort Worth this summer!