NNJ Young Mensa at Montclair
October 18, 2018

Mars is pocked with more than 300,000 craters, created by asteroid impacts. The moon is blanketed with millions more, too many to count. But the surface of Earth, constantly eroded by wind and rain, hides its history. Just 128 confirmed impact craters have been spotted on Earth's surface.
June 26, 2015 -- Michael Korn

We really had great weather for star gazing last night (Oct 18). Thank you Nature!
The view of the moon's craters was brilliant.

In physics class on Sunday we.re going to discuss energetic charged particles and in particular x-ray astronomy (going to Skype with a grad student during class who is studying observational x-ray astronomy in Denmark). -- Michael Korn

Photographs by Jessica Ochs and Jennifer Ferrara.

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Giuliana 8, and Miller 9

Marcus Korn

Anthony, Matthew, and Matthew's little sister

Photograph from Galileo's Classroom website.

Michael Korn

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