LaRae Bakerink
Candidate for 2nd Vice Chairman

Mensa became a part of my life in 2001 and I couldn't be happier about being involved. My Mensa experience includes serving as Activities Officer, Development Officer, LocSec, RG Chair, Database Coordinator, Webmaster, Testing Coordinator, Proctor, LDW Chair, Mind Games Chair 2010, and Scholarship Chair. Nationally I am currently serving as the National Testing Officer, AG Chair 2016, Membership Committee, Leadership Development Committee, the Awards Task Force, and as Assistant RVC 9.

Leadership Development is an important member experience that can and should be provided to members so they can grow and flourish, in and out of Mensa. I believe that we should provide better tools to the local groups, especially electronic tools. It is my hope that we can start a Technology Committee for the Local Groups to use as a starting point. Mensa should also turn to being more Community Minded and help involve the members more in their local groups and communities. These are some of the things that will attract and keep new and younger members.

With my background and experience in the business world, I believe I have the necessary skills that will enable me to provide strong and smart leadership on the AMC. We need experienced leadership with new ideas to keep up with the changes in our world. Let me bring my new ideas to Mensa to help enhance our member experience.

Please vote for me for 2nd Vice Chair.

For more information about my background please go to:" or contact me directly at