About Elise

I have always been fascinated with the Science of Life. In my studies of Economics and Philosophy at Columbia University, 
I started to juxtapose mindful and mathematical perspectives. Following a career in the financial industry, I pursued
multinational study and experience in healing, medicine, and the human body. Through Quantum Somatix, I reconcile various 
schools of holistic and scientific medicines to comprehensively enable psychological, emotional, and physical wellness. 

Seeking balance out of a decade of chaos in corporate banking, I began to cross borders to understand the true meaning of 
wellness around the world in 1996. What began as an eye-opening vacation soon developed into an in-depth, international 
study of health across 12 countries. This inspired a wellness journey across history and borders to develop a comprehensive 
system of optimal health. From lymphatic draining sessions in Berlin, to traditional Ayurvedic healing methods in Nepal, 
to village medicine in Indonesia, to Maori meditation in New Zealand, I learned the diverse techniques and traditions in 
medicine and wellness of 52 countries around the world. 

In addition to my holistic understanding of healing arts, I furthered my medical knowledge of the human body at a clinical 
rehabilitation clinic for patients recovering from stroke, concussion, and other brain traumas. Experiencing medical 
dissections of the muscle, brain, and spine, I was able to deepen my scientific understanding of anatomy, muscular connections, 
and the relationship between the nervous system and the human body's mobility.  As I continued in my research of the brain's 
neurochemistry, I studied and eventually taught craniosacral therapy in NJ, incorporating this technique, among others, into 
my healing sessions.

Quantum Somatix was developed out of diverse experience and in-depth understanding of the human body. At the Quantum Studio 
in Princeton, NJ, I blend international modalities from diverse treatments in mind and body wellness. A lifelong commitment 
to learning continues as I expand my horizon of healing through continuing education in neurochemistry.