In the Matter of Edwin Potter

In 1979 I was about 25 years old when I had my first battle with schizophrenia. I lost that battle. My wife died, and I severely injured my then infant son. I went to trial, but the jury saw that I was not thinking right, and they acquitted me. I spent 4 years in a psychiatric hospital following that and 3 years more later in 2000. This is the story of my comeback told in the third person.

IMOEP is the true story of my struggle as a licensed professional to overcome schizophrenia, to succeed as a professional, and to contribute to today’s criminal justice reform movement based upon my experiences. Not just talk, my recommendation for mentoring “at risk” youth by the formerly incarcerated WORKS as brought out at an October 2017 conference at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, something we don’t get to say very often in criminal justice.

A thoughtful and original piece of work… I recommend this to all who take these issues seriously.” – Michael Perlin, Professor Emeritus of Law, New York Law School

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