Hunterdon Hops #7 - August 2017 - Magnify Brewing

At our 7th meet up, Central New Jersey Mensa's premier beer drinking club, Hunterdon Hops, trekked through the northern hinterlands up to an industrial park in Fairfield, NJ to sample the offerings at Magnify Brewing. While we missed a few of our regulars (likely scared off by ferocious traffic on I-287N), Sam, Erik, Lynn, & Josh joined us for some pale ales served in mason jars. Magnify is clearly a local favorite with a packed house and a line out the door to pick up cans, ordering a drink required some effort, and we were lucky to secure a table. We stayed until about closing time, bandying opinions on beer, Star Wars, AMFH FB, and why we won't be driving so far north next time.

See you next month!
Henri & Jordan

Note: drinking beer is optional