Michael Korn's Presentation
September 27, 2018
Mensa Gifted Youths

Albert Einstein's theories bend the mind.
My goal is to inspire each student to streatch his or her understanding of space and time.
What is Galileo Galilei's role in building a bridge of knowledge for Einstein to launch into revolutionary thinking?

Uranus - Voyager 2 - 1986 - Blue-green frozen gas methane clouds

Pluto - NASA's New Horizons space craft - July 24, 2015
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Mars Voyager 1 - October 1980 - Valles Marineris, a massive canyon along the planet's equator.

Mercury - NASA's Messenger 2011

Earth - DSCOVR satellite - from millions miles away

Neptune - Voyager 2 - 1989 - Discovered in 1846

Jupiter - NASA's Cassini space craft 2003

Venus - Magellan - 1996 - Ovda Regis

Saturn - Cassini

Voyager 1 & 2 - Voyager Status

Telescopes from the Ground Up
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Galileo's Telescope


NASA Hubble

Micro Observatory


Gravity Waves

Galileo's Classroom for Accelerated Learners in NJ is an independent school established by teachers following the closing of the MSU G&T program. Our mission is to bring enrichment courses on weekend mornings to gifted and talented students in the Montclair area.

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