My name is Jared Levine, I am running for AML Secretary, and I would appreciate your vote.

Since rejoining Mensa in 1999, I have been an active member in each local group where I lived: Greater New York, Greater Los Angeles, and currently Metropolitan Washington. I hosted myriad events, and served in a whole slew of local positions (both on the Board of Directors in each group and in other capacities) and on multiple national committees (and still serve on the Bylaws Committee). I have a large base of experience within and knowledge of Mensa on both the local and national levels.

As I have previously mentioned, aside from timely composition and dissemination of meeting minutes, I intend to make available within a month of the Annual Gathering a draft of the Annual Business Meeting minutes, while the meeting is relatively fresh in people's minds, rather than 11 months removed. Also, I will begin cross-referencing various documents so that it is easier to make updates to everything that is affected by changes in ASIEs or the local group charter. This, in turn, will make process easier both for officers and rank-and-file members, freeing up their time and energy for the more important things like providing a stimulating environment, effective in-person and online ways of connecting with fellow members, and various other services to the membership.

While being mindful of details is a necessary attribute (even moreso for a Secretary) and an attribute on which I pride myself, looking for new ways to provide an even more positive Mensa experience which the members actually find value in paying their dues is where it's at. I believe I will be able to work well with most possible combinations of people who might be elected to the AMC and ask that you vote for me for Secretary in the coming election.

To see more specific information about the leadership roles I have undertaken in Mensa, my understanding of the basic duties of an AMC Secretary, my philosophy for transparency on the AMC, suggestions for change in AML, and more, please visit my blog at

--Jared Levine