Minutes for Meeting of NNJM

When: Sunday, August 7, 2016

Where: Van Saun Park, Paramus, NJ

Who attended: Robert Curtis, Angela Daidone, Keith Armonaitis, Bill Holzmann, Juliette Holzmann

Bob called the meeting to order at 11:26 a.m. The minutes of the May 22, 2016 meeting were presented and accepted by unanimous vote.

Local Secretary's report
  1. Bob announced that he has officially reappointed Nisha Zoeller as Scholarship Chair for the upcoming year. At Bill's suggestion, the committee discussed and agreed to a new procedure for identifying and informing the scholarship winner of his/her award and following steps to present check and create press opportunities to be included in the newsletter and sent to the local media.
  2. Angela discussed the new testing for proctors to administer the RAIT for prospective members. The national office is scheduled to integrate the RAIT this fall and will send materials accordingly. Angela also has looked into a location for testing and said summer scheduling has been an issue with several proposed locations. She is planning to schedule a test date in September at the Rochelle Park library and will announce accordingly.
  3. Membership Chair was not present.
  4. The Gifted Youth Coordinator (not present) has informed Bob that attendance at planned events and activities has been discouraging. Hopefully, attendance will pick up after the summer.

Treasurer's report

Bill presented a financial report which was unanimously approved by committee. He also proposed resolutions that we make Spencer Savings Bank, SLA, a depository bank for our funds and that we retain the single signature-on-file requirement at Spencer Savings Bank . The resolutions requested by the bank were agreed upon and unanimously adopted.

Imprint Editor's report

Juliette stated that there has been a glitch in receiving some material for the newsletter. Keith said he would look into the problem. It was also mentioned that the new printer seemed to be a bit slower in distributing the hard copies of the newsletters as some members received them late or not at all.

Webmaster's report

Bob has been posting the minutes and other materials as needed and stated that the new server is working out fine.

Program Coordinator's report

Keith is continuing to follow up with the Morris County Astronomy Club and the Morris County Museum to schedule an event for the fall.

Old Business


New Business

All parties were reimbursed for picnic expenses. The committee will discuss a date for the November meeting.

Angela moved to adjourn the meeting at 11:59 a.m. with Keith seconding the motion. The annual picnic followed the meeting, with approximately 60 members and their families in attendance.