Minutes for Meeting of NNJM

When: Sunday, August 13, 2017

Where: Van Saun Park, Paramus, N.J. (prior to the Annual Picnic)

Who attended: Robert Curtis, Angela Daidone, Bill Holzmann, Keith Armonaitis

Bob called the meeting to order at 11:27 a.m. The minutes of the May 21 meeting were presented and accepted by unanimous vote.

Local Secretary’s report

  1. Angela gave a report on the testing status. There have been several changes at the Rochelle Park Library, but she is contacting interim director to schedule testing dates for September, October and possibly November. The response to Angela’s posting of the test dates on the national website remains good and she has received emails from several interested parties who wish to test in the fall.

  2. Membership Chair was not present and the status of the Gifted Youth Coordinator is still uncertain at this point.

  3. Bob reported that he submitted Nisha’s name for reappointment as Scholarship Chair for the upcoming year.

  4. Central New Jersey Chapter has contacted Bob about posting their beer tasting event in our upcoming newsletter calendars.

Treasurer’s report

Bill presented a financial report which was unanimously approved by committee. He said he has received several inquiries about scholarship contributions. He also presented a check to our scholarship winner who Angela will follow up with for an article.

Imprint Editor’s report

Juliette was not present. Bill said she is experiencing similar difficulty in obtaining data from national for the newsletter.

Webmaster’s report

Bob continues to post the minutes and other materials as needed. He has added information about scholarship donation opportunities.

Program Coordinator’s report

After a brief hiatus, Keith said he is moving forward with plans to schedule an event at the Morris County Observatory.

Old Business

The committee discussed the possibility of polling members about receiving the newsletter electronically, which will be a substantial cost savings. The committee also introduced the idea of sending the newsletter as a PDF in an email rather than just sending the link.

New Business

Bill presented receipts for picnic expenses and issued checks accordingly.

Bob suggested Sunday, November 26 at 1:00 pm (Angela’s home) for the next ExComm meeting. All were in agreement.

Keith moved to adjourn the meeting at 11:56 a.m. with Bill seconding the motion. The picnic commenced immediately following the adjournment.