Minutes for meeting of NNJM

When: Sunday, November 9, 2014
Where: Angela's home in Rochelle Park
Who attended: 		Robert Curtis		Angela Daidone	
Bill Holzmann		Juliette Holzmann
Keith Armonaitis

Bob called the meeting to order at 1:10 p.m. The minutes of the August 10, 2014 meeting 
were presented with Keith moving to accept and Bill seconding the motion.

Local secretary's report

a. We discussed the need for a new proctor as Miriam has informed us that she is no 
longer able to fulfill this role. Bob is going to seek some information from National re: 
rules for testing places, etc.  Juliette is going to advertise for the position in the 
upcoming newsletters. We also are going to send requests for testing to area chapters in 
the interim.
b. Stephanie Glenn, the Gifted Youth Coordinator, has not yet received official 
confirmation to act in that role. We are awaiting same and she will be invited to the next 
meeting to share her plans.
c. Scholarship essay reading is scheduled for late January (date TBA in the next 
d. Picnic expenses were approved.
e. Elections are coming soon and Bob is going to nominate for re-election those who 
currently hold their positions. Angela said she is nominating Bob to continue as local 

Treasurer's report

Bill shared the financial report which was unanimously approved by the ExComm. Keith 
is going to submit invoice for web services rendered.

IMprint editor's report

Juliette reported that the earlier print date is working well to stay on deadline and get the 
newsletter out in a more efficient manner. After a discussion, Bob agreed to continue to 
write his monthly Scribbles column.

Webmaster's report

Bob said he is going to continue to update the website and will add a link to the 
scholarship chair.

Program Coordinator's report

Keith said he reached out to folks who attended the picnic and seemed interested in 
participating in events. So far, the response has been slim; however, he will continue to 
stay in touch with them. We also discussed several ideas for a winter program, including a 
possible game day and researching free or inexpensive venues in Bergen County to hold 
any events. It was generally agreed that in light of the success of the annual picnic, the 
membership might be interested in another event. The committee is going to continue to 
explore possibilities to increase member interest.

Old Business


New Business

The next ExComm meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 8, 2015 at Angela's home, 
with a snow/reschedule date of Sunday, February 15, if needed.

Keith moved to adjourn the meeting with Angela seconding the motion. Meeting was 
adjourned at 2:05 p.m.