Minutes for Meeting of NNJM

When: Sunday, November 26, 2017

Where: Becker Avenue, Rochelle Park, NJ (Angela’s house)

Who attended: Robert Curtis, Angela Daidone, Bill Holzmann, Juliette Holzmann, Keith Armonaitis

Bob called the meeting to order at 1:13 p.m. The minutes of the August 13 meeting were presented and accepted by unanimous vote (with one correction on meeting time listed in New Business).

Local Secretary’s report

  1. Angela reported on testing. The November test date was cancelled because of last-minute candidate cancellations. No testing is scheduled for December; testing will resume in January, date to be determined. Angela has received interest from a member about becoming a proctor. The paperwork is complete and he will begin training with the next test date.

  2. Membership Chair was not present; Bob will reach out to her for status update.

  3. Bob shared an email he received from the Gifted Youth Coordinator, who is stepping back at this time due to personal obligations. The committee discussed putting a notice in the newsletter for additional volunteers for the position. We were in agreement that having extra hands on board for the position will be a good idea.

  4. Nisha has again been reappointed as Scholarship Chair. She will be seeking volunteer judges for the essay contest (scheduled for late January).

  5. Central New Jersey Chapter continues to reach out to Bob about posting their beer tasting event in the newsletter calendar. They have now added a whiskey tasting event as well.

Treasurer’s report

Bill presented a financial report which was unanimously approved by committee. He reported that our chapter’s AMC support has lessened due to a decrease in chapter membership, which has seen a significant change from last year.

IMprint Editor’s report

Juliette reported that a member has taken an ad for the newsletter. We discussed changing the ad rates (see New Business below).

Webmaster’s report

Bob continues to post the minutes and other materials as needed. Keith presented a bill for continued name domain services.

Program Coordinator’s report

Keith reported that all is going well for an event at the Morris County Observatory with the Morris Astronomy Club. We planned a tentative date in April 2018 and will move forward after more details are provided by all parties.

Old Business


New Business

  1. As stated above in the IMprint Editor’s report, we agreed by unanimous vote to change the ad rates for the newsletter. New rates are as follows: Full page $80, half page $40, quarter page $20, business card $10. There also will be a 10 percent discount for ads placed in consecutive months for the same ad. Details will be available from Juliette for interested parties.

  2. The next meeting of the Executive Committee has been scheduled for Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 1 p.m. (with Sunday, February 18, 2018 reserved as a snow date.)

  3. Bill moved to adjourn the meeting at 1:59 p.m. with Keith seconding the motion.