I am Brian Reeves, your current AML Communications Officer and now a candidate for AML Secretary.

As Communications Officer, I am responsible for helping set policies for—and troubleshooting—everything from the Mensa Bulletin to the website to the Forums and Mensa Facebook page to local group newsletters and much more. In addition, I chair the Communications Committee and serve on the national Bylaws Committee, the Finance Committee and am the Gifted Youth program’s liaison to the AMC.

During my term as Communications Officer, we’ve created the Weekly Brainwave, calmed down tensions in the online Community and have upgraded the quality of the Bulletin (you’ll see many of those changes later this year).

Your Secretary should be able to prepare meeting agendas and then later put out minutes quickly and accurately. Many Mensans are well-qualified for that part of the job. There is another aspect to the job, though, that many people don’t consider. The Secretary also serves on AML’s Executive Committee where he or she is involved in helping make important decisions for Mensa. A deep knowledge of Mensa, everything from its finances to the personalities of the AMC members, is important to doing that part of the job well. As a current AMC member, I have that knowledge. I know the people involved and can work with them.

I can tell you from experience that most AMC members have strong personalities. Getting them to agree on things can be tough. I work as a mediator. I earn my living by getting people on opposite sides of issues to work together towards successful conclusions. I will bring the skills I’ve developed doing that work to the job of Secretary.

An additional project I plan to undertake is reorganizing the ASIEs. Have you ever tried to find something in the ASIE’s? Did you finally just give up? I want to undertake the process of organizing them by topic rather than, as now, by the order in which they were adopted, so you can find things more easily.

If this sort of positive, competent “can-do” approach appeals to you, I’d appreciate your vote.