Lisa Maxwell
Region 1 Roundup

Are you an active member of your local group, or want to be more involved? Wonder how a successful gathering or event is planned? Enjoy your local newsletter or website but wish you could make it better? Learn all this and more! Mark your calendars for the weekend of November 6-8 to attend the Region 1 Leadership Development Workshop (LDW). Planning is underway, more details will follow.

I am very pleased to announce the following Regional appointments:
Jane Hoffman Abrams, Regional Webmaster - Content
Al Beecy, Regional Webmaster - Technical
Gregory Draves, Regional Scholarship Chair
Ian Randal Strock, Regional Ombudsman

My thanks to each of them for their willingness to serve. And to each of you who step up and volunteer at any level - your involvement is what makes our Mensa experience special.
We are still seeking a Regional Gifted Youth Coordinator; if interested please contact me directly.

Want to know more about what's going on in our region or anywhere in the country? All of the newsletters and calendars are available online:
You will need to login to the site. Don't have a login? Follow the directions on the login page to get one. Or check out our Region 1 website, which lists upcoming events and has information on each of our chapters.

Jewel Awards: Congratulations to all of our Region 1 chapters - each of you has attained the Emerald level within your Class (based on group size). One group went above and beyond and received the Sapphire level award - special congratulations to New Hampshire Mensa!
The Local Group Jewel Awards recognize and reward Local Groups' membership-related activities and their active participation in all that Mensa has to offer to positively impact the experience of the local group members. The criteria for these awards can be found on the national website:

On the national front: the next AMC (national board of directors) meeting is scheduled for the weekend of September 11-13 and will be held in Arlington TX. Meeting agendas and minutes are posted online when they become available:

Last month, I asked Why did you join Mensa? Even if you did not respond I do hope you gave the question some thought. Here is a question for this month -- please email me your thoughts and I will share your answers in future publications: What do you expect to get from your Mensa membership?

Lisa Maxwell