Lisa Maxwell

Region 1 Roundup

Do you have a certain time of year that seems to be when all the major changes in your life happen? For me, that time has always been in the fall. I think this is due in part to the fact that I am not a fan of summer, so my energy and drive really ramps up in September.

This fall has been especially busy for me. I've just passed my exam for the NH Real Estate Broker's license, which means figuring out what I want to do - open my own business, hang my license with someone else's firm and what type of practice - residential, commercial, other services? I've also just given notice at my fulltime day job (IT project manager) and am trying to figure out what is next for me. I've just been appointed principal French horn for the Reading Symphony Orchestra (MA) and I have a couple of other music gigs coming up in October and November, one where I get to wear lederhosen and play the drums for an Oktoberfest band. If you aren't getting as quick a response from me as you should, I do apologize. Sometimes life just happens - all at once.


For those of you who volunteer in any capacity at the local group level - thank you! I do hope you will be attending our FREE Leadership Development Workshop, being held on Saturday November 7th in Albany, NY - seats are filling up fast and are limited so register today!


If you are a member of your local group Executive Committee (ExComm), you should have received an invitation to participate in a local group leadership survey. If you have not yet responded, please do take the time to share your information with us. Your feedback will help us to improve the tools made available to all local groups.


Our Gifted Youth program is a wonderful opportunity to help nurture our youngest members. If you would like to see more activities for our younger members in your local group please consider being a gifted youth coordinator for your chapter. Out of thirteen chapters in Region1, only three have GYCs. The youth of today may be the leaders of tomorrow; we need to give them the opportunities to interact with others at their own level. For more information on the Gifted Youth program, please read:


I hope you had a chance to attend one of our region's fall gatherings (RGs). Depending on when you receive this newsletter, you may still be able to attend Boston Mensa's Wicked Good! RG being held on October 30 - November 1 at Great Wolf Lodge in Fitchburg, MA. If you missed the fall RGs don’t worry, there will be more gatherings in the springtime.


At the September American Mensa Committee (the national board of directors) meeting, the AMC set forth their vision statement:

We are board members who serve American Mensa as leaders who value civility and trust as we take action that is transparent, forward thinking, strategic, and balanced.

What are your thoughts? Is this the focus you expect to see from your national board?
As an active participant in all things Mensa, what works and what doesn't work in your opinion? Let me know!


Lisa Maxwell