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LEAP Candidates for 2016

For 2016 the Leadership Exchange Ambassadors Program (LEAP) received 16 applications from

12 countries – Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Italy, Mexico, Montenegro, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States. After reading and viewing the materials sent by the applicants, the LEAP committee selected six ambassadors for 2016.


The group of future leaders will travel to the American Mensa’s 2016 Annual Gathering in San Diego (June 29 – July 3) and the European Mensas Gathering (EMAG) in Kraków, Poland (August 28-30) to present workshops on their leadership experience and innovative ideas that have helped their own Mensa grow and thrive.


Congratulations to all of our LEAP representatives and especially to Region1's Bill Zigo (Ziggy) who will be representing the United States.



This year's Annual Gathering (AG), American Mensa's premiere event, will be held in San Diego, CA June 29th - July 3rd. Five days of programs, talks, games, entertainment, tours, gifted youth programming and a 24-hour hospitality suite. There truly is something for everyone.
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A Leadership Summit will be held at the AG on June 29th. All Local Group officers are invited to this special leadership training opportunity. This year’s topic is Technology: Assisting You in Serving Your Members. Various topics will be covered such as key technology trends from the recent Local Group Survey, looking at the Member/Prospect Tracker and the upcoming Dashboard, sharing of best practices and solutions with your fellow leaders around the country, and a session by Beth Ziesenis (, who is a leader on various technology trends to discuss how to leverage many low cost/free options to help you serve your members better.
For more information or to register (deadline June 10


The AG is preceded by the Colloquium on Tuesday June 28th. This year's topic is The Nature of Genetics: Flora, Fauna and the Future. For details:

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Just a reminder… Upcoming Region 1 events:

May 6-8 is Boston Mensa's Cape Cod Mini-RG. To register:


May 20-22 is Maine Mensa's "The Best <Fun&Games> mini-RG - EVAH!"

To register, call/text (207)577-6362 or email


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Mensa is a volunteer driven organization - what are you doing to keep your Mensa experience vibrant and fun?


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