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Region 1 Roundup - September 2016
by Lisa Maxwell

Region 1 Roundup

News from National:
Last month, the awards granted to members from our region were announced. This month I'd like to share some information with you about each of the awards - what they are and how your chapter can qualify.

ACE Awards:
The Achieving Communications Excellence (ACE) program recognizes Local Groups that meet or exceed communications standards in all of these areas: newsletters, websites and social media.
In order to pre-qualify for consideration, Local Groups must meet these three baseline criteria. Failure to meet any of those three deadlines disqualifies a local group from ACE recognition.
• Local Group Newsletters must be uploaded to American Mensa’s website.
• Local Group websites must be linked from American Mensa’s website (, updated by contacting the Membership Coordinator.
• LocSecs must submit the Social Media usage form to the Communications Officer.

Jewel Awards:
The Local Group Jewels recognize and reward Local Groups' membership-related activities and for their active participation in all that Mensa has to offer to positively impact the experience of the local group members. Points are earned for a variety of activities and accomplishments, earned by the group as a whole, including participation in Mind Games®, CultureQuest®, Mensa Testing Day and Leadership Development Workshops. Points are collected throughout the fiscal year of American Mensa, which is April 1 through March 31.

Owl awards:
Recognizing Local Groups that display outstanding effort in the areas of membership growth and retention.
• The Innovative Owl award is presented to the group demonstrating the highest membership retention compared to its previous year's membership numbers.
• The Prolific Owl award is presented to the group earning the highest percentage of membership growth overall. The awards are officially announced each year at the Annual Gathering.

Community Activity awards:
On an annual basis, Mensa's Local Groups reach out to make their communities better. They sponsor elementary-school science fairs, raise scholarship money, donate school supplies, and stock local libraries with new books. They lend their support to PBS pledge drives and bike rides for kidney research. These community service efforts are recognized at the national level by the Community Activities Program. Certificates of recognition are presented to all Local Groups who submit a community service project for consideration.

AMC (national board of directors) meeting held June 30 2016:
From the Mini Minutes, available at:

The following ExComm actions were reported as taken between meetings:
1. An agreement was approved with
2. A new SIG logo was approved and forwarded to Name & Logo for their approval as well.

The AMC acted on the following motions:
• Appointed Anthony Jackowski as communications Officer; Nancy McMahan Farrar as Development Officer; Marie Mayer as Director of Science and Education; and Stephanie Thornton as Membership Officer.
• Appointed Committee chairs, Action Committee members and individual appointees.
• Passed a motion updating the AMC Questions to Candidates.
• Approved the Name and Logo Usage Review Committee statement.
• Passed motions selecting Kansas City, Missouri as the location for the 2020 Annual Gathering and Houston, Texas as the location of the 2021 Annual Gathering; both are subject to the ExComm's approval of a final hotel contract.
• Passed a motion amending the Local Group Charter to update insurance coverage language.
• Passed a motion revising the Avenues of Redress to include regional ombudsmen.
• Passed motions referring four proposed bylaws amendments to referendum of the membership (one motion was postponed to the next AMC meeting or teleconference).

This month's questions for you…
How can local groups motivate members to become active? What has worked for your chapter?

Lisa Maxwell