Fellow Mensan,

Iím running for Chairman of American Mensa. The focus of the next board needs to be on the Mensa experience, making membership even more meaningful and enjoyable without raising the dues. Part of the job will be accomplished by reforming the roughly $4 million budget to reallocate funds to areas like leadership development, volunteer appreciation, gifted youth, technology infrastructure, and local group support.

Iím qualified and ready to lead the board in the right direction while representing our interests at the international level. I hold graduate degrees in business, law, and computer science. Iíve served on the national board, been a LocSec, presented on a variety of topics at numerous gatherings, and founded a Regional Gathering (http://bit.ly/RechaRGe2013) as well as a Special Interest Group (http://mavailable.org).

If elected, I'll need to fill some appointed positions on our board of directors, the American Mensa Committee. American Mensa's talent pool is incredibly deep. So, it is quite possible that the best people for the positions starting this July are outside of my current circle of Mensa friends. If you have the time, drive, and skills necessary to improve American Mensa, I encourage you to apply for an appointed position.

For more information on my campaign as well as details regarding appointed positions, please visit RobSalkin.com. If you have any questions or comments, donít hesitate to get in contact via Rob.Salkin.AMC@gmail.com.

Iíd greatly appreciate your vote in the election that begins on April 15th.

Thank you and enjoy Mensa,
Rob Salkin