By Bob Curtis, Local Secretary
January 2015

It is January, the month that is the "door" to the new year. For NNJ Mensa the first item of business will be to score hundreds of essays submitted for our scholarship awards. We need help! If you can do some judging, please contact Nisha Zoeller, our scholarship chair.

We also need help with testing Mensa candidates. If you would be able to be testing coordinator or a testing proctor, please contact me. There are a number of requirements to qualify, but American Mensa will help.

Of the members of the NNJ Mensa group, more than 100 are under the age of 18. American Mensa has approved my appointment of Stephanie Glenn as Gifted Youth Coordinator. Congratulations Stephanie Glenn! She is working on organizing and coordinating activities for our younger members.

Our program director, Keith Armonaitis, has been looking for some other activities of interest to the members. If there is something you would like to do please let him know.