By Bob Curtis, Local Secretary

August 2013

June has seen both good news and bad news for NNJM. On June 16, 2013, our Regional Vice Chairman, Andrew Heffernan, was married to Laura Friedman, a member of Boston Mensa. On the other hand, Stuart Friedman, a long time NNJM member (since 1966) passed away on June 29, 2013. Stu was an unusually active mensan, especially in the national Mensa organization.

Kathe Oliver wrote: "There are few things that can completely silence a Mensa gathering. The announcement of the death of Mensa Education and Research Foundation founder and past President Stuart Friedman's death silenced the participants at the Mensa Foundation's Colloquium 2013. Everyone who is affiliated with Mensa or the Mensa Education & Research Foundation owes Stuart Friedman a great deal. Thank you, Mr. Friedman, for the enthusiasm and hard work which led to the many programs that the Foundation supports, especially the scholarships and the programs for children and adolescents. It was a joy to talk to you, and you will be missed."

American Mensa's official announcement gives a brief account of Stu's Mensa history:
American Mensa is saddened to announce the passing of Stuart Friedman, a member since 1966 whose leadership resume is among the most impressive in the annals of the organization. Regarded as a founder of the Mensa Education & Research Foundation, Stu served as Foundation President from 1974-84.

Stu's deep love and commitment to American Mensa and the Foundation are reflected in the numerous leadership roles he held during his 47-year AML career. That service was recognized in 1984, when Stu received the Distinguished Service Award.

After joining AML in 1966, Stu wasted little time getting involved. Serving as Local Groups Officer from 1967-73, Stu also chaired the 1968 Annual Gathering in Tarrytown, N.Y., and was the American IGS Agent from 1968-69. Stu also served admirably as First Vice Chair (1969-71), Second Vice Chair (1971-73) and Director of Science and Education (1981-83).

After founding the Mensa Foundation in 1971, Stu was a commanding presence. His 10-year tenure as Foundation President was followed by roles as Trustee (1985-86) and Editor of the Mensa Research Journal (1985-86), and Stu served on myriad Foundation committees, most recently the Advisory Council (2009-10).

Upon hearing the news, Foundation President Dave Remine said, "The Foundation and Mensa lost a great supporter with the passing of Stu, a former President of the Foundation and Editor of the MRJ."

Stu is survived by his wife, Enid, son Greg (and his wife and two children), daughter Janice (and her husband and two children, plus his sisters, brother and extended family.

Best wishes to all for a prosperous September.