by Bob Curtis, Local Secretary
March, 2017

The name of March comes from Latin Martius, the first month of the earliest Roman calendar. It was named for Mars, the Roman god of war who was also regarded as a guardian of agriculture and an ancestor of the Roman people through his sons Romulus and Remus. His month Martius was the beginning of the season for both farming and warfare, and the festivals held in his honor during the month were mirrored by others in October, when the season for these activities came to a close. Martius remained the first month of the Roman calendar year perhaps as late as 153 BC, and several religious observances in the first half of the month were originally new years's celebrations. Even in late antiquity, Roman mosaics, picturing the months sometimes still placed March first.--Wikipedia

Nisha Zoeller, our scholarship chair, held the annual scholarship essay judging on January 29, 2017. The winner of this year's Wendy Sailer scholarship is Albert Appouh of Maplewood.

Activities for our gifted youth are temporarily halted. Check with Stephanie Janssens on Facebook or email her at for further information. NNJM's young Mensan Facebook page is at

Angela Daidone, our new testing coordinator, advises me that she is scheduled to begin Mensa admission testing at the Rochelle Park library as soon as there is a sufficient number of test takers.

Mid-Hudson Mensa continues to encourage us to participate in some of their events. They have an events page at

You can visit our NNJM Facebook page at and our webpage at