By Bob Curtis, Local Secretary
September 2013

August 4th saw our 4th Annual Picnic at Van Saun Park. With about 40 participants and beautiful weather as well as excellent food, I considered the picnic a great success. Bill Holzmann organized it and was our chief cook. Thanks Bill.

Looking ahead, the Executive Committee provisionally appointed Richard Smith of Mahwah as Gifted Child Coordinator pending approval by America Mensa Limited, and Miriam Schneidmill of Wayne as Proctor Coordinator. We thank both of these members for offering their help. Keith Armonaitis, our Program Coordinator, discussed reviving our Speakers' Series with some of his hopes and plans including scheduling a lecture for November 23rd. (Executive Committee minutes are available on our website at )

Thanks to John Devoti for contributing his "Tidbits of History" column. John is a member of Central New Jersey Mensa. I always find his column amusing and interesting.