By Bob Curtis, Local Secretary

October 2013

On August 21, 2013, the other Local Secretaries and I participated in an experiment with 
Andrew Heffernan, Region 1 Vice Chair, and Julie Clark, Volunteer Programs Manager, 
American Mensa, Ltd. We participated in a telecomference phone call frpm 7 pm until a 
little after 8 pm. This was a novel experience for me who had never been a part of such a 
phone call before this. It was like a ham radio round table which I often participated in 
when I was in high school. Each of us explained what was happening in our local group 
and Andrew explained the status of  developments in Connecticut and Western 
Massachusetts Mensa. You can read about these matters in their newsletter, Media, for 
September, (at ) The conference was 
interesting and the next one is planned in about three months.

American Mensa, Ltd., has approved our appointment of Richard Smith as Gifted Youth 
Coordinator. Young Mensans have been in the news lately. 
Yosef (Joey) E. Granillo, was admitted at age 3 into Mensa, the high IQ society, after 
testing in the highly gifted range. He is currently the youngest Mensa member in the St. 
Louis area. Son of Carole and Tony Granillo, Joey attends the Deutsch Early Childhood 
Center and studies accelerated math and other topics in the John Hopkins Center for 
Talented Youth. His family belongs to Kol Rinah. 
Three 9-year-old triplets in Morris County are packing some serious brain power. 
Victoria, Elizabeth and Katie Wilson are all members of Mensa, an organization for people 
with very high IQs. Steven Caponegro, a school principal, says, that "to me, that means 
they're academically gifted in the areas of language arts, math, their ability levels in the 
schools. They have that much more potential." Their parents moved the trio from Florida to 
their native Florham Park to get them into a better school district. Mensa says its members 
range from age 2 to 102. Their mother makes sure the girls remain focused and organized. 
Their parents point out the girls are the first African-American triplets to be accepted to 
The four year old Elizabeth, daughter of  Laura Fram, was at August 4th picnic. Laura 
wrote "My daughter is in Mensa, not me."

American Mensa, Ltd., has approved our appointment of Miriam Schneidmill as 
examination Proctor. Miriam is scheduling examinations during October, so our 
examination and new member activities are picking up. Thanks Miriam.

Keith Armonaitis, our Program Coordinator, has rescheduled our speakers night to 
December 7th. The place is yet to be determined.
We have three confirmed speakers:
Amiri Baraka
Damian Hess  aka MC Frontalot
Stephen Bard
This will be for a discussion on evocative language from poetry to songwriting to rap and 
will talk about the techniques used and the similarities and differences among the three