Peter Paul Rubens

June 28, 1577 - May 30, 1640

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Sir Peter Paul Rubens

Venus and Adonis


Sine Cerere

Venus, Mars and Cupid

Pythagoras Advocating Vegetarianism

Venus, Cupid, Bacchus, Ceres

The Three Graces

The Holy Family with St. Ann

The Birth of the Milky Way

Jupiter and Callisto


Cimone and Efigenia


Bathsheba at the Fountain

Ermit and Sleeping Angelica

Adam and Eve

Le Triomphe de la Vertu

Education of the Princess

Pencil Self-Portrait

Taking Christ Down from the Cross

Vertumne et Pomone

Venus and Cupid

The Judgement of Paris

Assumption of the Virgin

Descent from the Cross

Adam and Eve Leave Paradise

The Cross

Immaculate Conception

Massacre of the Innocents

Venus at a Mirror