To all Troast Members

The new year will soon be upon us and in compliance with the club by-laws, an election of officers must be held annually . The nomination committee of Mario Santivinez , Larry Paladino and Gary Terzano are compiling a list of candidates for all positions of leadership. They are;
Vice President
Asst. Treas.
Recording Secretary
Asst. Rec. Sec.

The committee is asking all members who may be interested in serving as an officer for the coming new year to please contact Gary, Mario or Larry . It is very important for members to get involved in our organization in that it helps theTroast Club stay solvent for the future. The members Who haven’t been officers should step up and help !  Many of our current officers have served several terms on and off over the past 30 plus years. And are willing to continue if asked if there is no interest from others in the membership.  They have been doing a good job. The committee will present its slate of officers for election at the November meeting on the second Thursday the 8th .Anyone from the membership can run whether on the committee’s slate or not! So give it some thought and let us know !
Larry 201-280-5567
Mario- 201-982-4562
Gary 201-314-0619