Cody's Ale House Grill
154 Court Street
Brooklyn, New York

March 15, 2017

Photographs by Bob Goger NY 59

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Kevin Dineen NY 59

Kevin McKay NY 60

Robert Goger NY 59 with Kasey (Chris Conroy's sister)

Patrick Conroy NY 60

David Schiebel NY 58

A note from Bob Goger:
As you know, attendance at last evening's colloquium was severely limited by wintry health and travel conditions. But inasmuch as Fr Socius has requested a roster be submitted, please be advised that portraits of all attendees were taken and sent to Brother Curtis's darkroom. Once those are forwarded, you will note the presence of P. Conroy, D. Schiebel, K. Dineen, JK McKay, B Goger, and though spotty train service prevented his appearance, Chris Conroy sent a surrogate...his sister Kasey who happened to be grandparenting yesterday in Brooklyn. As an honorary member she was introduced to the various secret handshakes and ritual chants. --Bob Goger

Robert Louis Daidone-Curtis on St Patrick's Day
Age 1 year 5 months

Jesuit Glossary by Peter Schineller SJ NY 57