Cody's has suddenly closed. The next gathering is June 5th at 6pm at McGee's Pub, 240 West 55th Street in Manhattan.(Between Broadway and 8th Avenue) (McGee's Pub) Bill Kreutz SJ NY 58 is expected to be present.

Dennis, et al.,
I just called McGee.s [240 W 55th Street, Manhattan, 212-957-3536] and spoke to Sharon, who took our reservation - in my name - for about 15 [more or less] persons - for food and drink - starting at 6 pm on June 5. The area allotted for us is upstairs and in the front right. I think the Pub, the menu and the space are quite suitable, and once again Sharon was most cordial. i
It is convenient to many subway lines. [Steps west of Broadway and a block east of 8th Avenue.] The closest for me from Brooklyn is the 7th Avenue stop at 53rd Street on the E, D and B trains, west exit. It would be good, but not required, if we could get a rough count of those who plan to make it. Looking forward to a good session, planned around Fr. Bill Kreutz.

McGee's Pub
240 West 55th Street
New York City

June 5, 2019

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Photographs by Bob Curtis NY 58, Dennis Costigan NY 59, and Friendly Waitress

Bob Goger NY 59, Gerry Drummond NY 58, John Leonard NY 57

Dennis Costigan NY 59

Chris Conroy NY 59

Bob Curtis NY 58, Jim Kelly NY 58, Kevin McKay NY 60, Bob Goger NY 59, Gerry Drummond NY 58, John Leonard NY 57, Chris Conroy NY 59

William Kreutz SJ NY 58

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