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Room 406 Welcome Page | Hackensack High School Computer Club
Our favorite source of computer hardware: Spectrum PC

A card game or a magic trick

APCS Resources and Information for HHS Course

A packaged C++ compiler (djgpp) with a Borland-like interface

Home Work Assignments for the AP Computer Science course!

1997-1998 Assignments

Format for Assigned Programs in C++

VI Reference Sheet (from AAST)

Class List for APCS Course

CMP156 & CMP157 are two semesters of Computer Science for freshman at Alfred University. They use our text (Deitel & Deitel).

College Board On-line - AP Computer Science

Big Integer Case Study

1995 - 1996 AP free-response examination soultions translated into C++

1997 AP free response examination and solutions

American Computer Science League

C++ subset defined for AP examinations and AP classes

Links to VI EDITOR instructions

An Unoffical APCS page at Colgate

IB Computer Science Page

Slide-rule Page When the computer you are using is land-fill, your slide-rule will be just barely broken in!
Slide-rule history, descriptions, and some for sale.

Other Resources

Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing

Web Monkey - many interesting tutorials

How It Works - fun & fancy programming

Telephone Acronym Dictionary

Few students pursue majors in computing Record article, September 21, 1998

Programming and Internet Newsletter

Special Interest Group for Computer Science Education

Institute of Computer Technology

APCS Students' Pages C++ GNU Compiler

djgpp resources Library Manuals, User Manual, etc. for the C++ system

Borland (Turbo C++)

Metrowerks Code Warrior

Microsoft (Visual C++)

Free Software Foundation

Assembly Language xxx86 Tutor and HTML coach! Great Site

WWW Consortium

Scott Adams - Adventure Games Author - Home page -- Has links to much about adventure games!!!

Inter-Links General Internet Resource (Shows Listserves for computer languages)

Ping our System

BUGNET Tells you about bugs in computer programs and available fixes.

ANTI-VIRUS information

Network Science A monthly magazine plus, related to computers and science (particularly biochemistry)

College Board Online.

AP Computer Science - College Board Online.

Tim Berners-Lee Inventor of WWW

A retired computer programmer's page
A Test of parsed HTML

WWW for the Clueless is a jargon-free introduction to the World Wide Web.

The Tao of Programming

Dr Seuss on Technology


Be Inc.

Be Developers

Be mailing lists


Ready-to-use Programmers Objects


Java Tutorial

HTML & JavaScript

JavaScript Tutorials

JavaScript Quadratic Equation Solution by Robert Kern Curtis 12/02/01

HTML for Dummies


Barebones of HTML

Tables help in HTML by Hiro Hirashiki

HTML Resources


Soft Quad Commercial Site for HTML and such. Includes access to free copy (Ver 2.0) of HoTMetaL, an HTML editor.

WWW and HTML Course Outline


Computer Science Laboratory at Cambridge which also includes access to a picture giving the current status of the Trojan Room COFFEE POT!

Other CS Resources

Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon University Many resources!

Computer Science Department at Exeter Academy, located in Exeter, New Hampshire,-- one of the best high schools in the country.

ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)

ACSL (American Computer Science League)




C & C++

C++ Gateway (C++ Resources for CS1 and CS2)

Borland C++

C++ Virtual Library


Pascal Central

Borland Pascal

Learn Pascal

Pascal math routines

SWAG Pascal snippetts

Turbo Pascal



Starship Python


PERL Page A page for the script language.


Jeffreys Copeland and Haemer's column on Unix called "Work"
Jeffrey Copeland is an HHS alumnus

Geek Girl Unix help and more

Unix Guru for system administrators

Xfree86 Project

Unix Links


Linux (Red Hat)


Ping our System

SIGCSE (ACM's Special Interest Group for Computer Science Education)

World File Project software collection.

Be Box -- A new Operating System

IBM's aqui Check out this page! See who has links to your page, etc.

Geek Code

Nerdity Test

Calendar for AD 1752

Logarithms: An Introduction to Their Use by Robert Kern Curtis (1970)

The programs I wrote to count visitors for ORDINALS and for CARDINALS
Click HERE for an explanation for using parsable HTML

A program I wrote to convert integers to Roman Numerals

Decimal to Roman Numeral Converter Check it out!

panta rei

This page is maintained by Robert Kern Curtis

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