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Spring 1996

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Click, Phyllis. (1996) Administration of Schools for Young Children. 4th ed. Albany, New York: Delmar Publishers.

Additional Readings:

Supervisory Behavior Continuum: Know Thyself

How Teachers Are Reshaping Evaluation Procedures by Susan Black in Educational Leadership October 1993 at pages 38 to 42.

Introduction to the Clinical Supervision Model

A General Bibliography and a Tentative Schedule have been provided for this course.

Papers are to follow the style specified in the APA Publication Manual of which a brief format & citation guide is available. Electronic citation styles for MLA and APA manuals are also available.


Early Childhood

Texas A & M
Early Childhood Center at Texas A & M University at Corpus Christi, Texas, Home Page and introduction to the Center.

NAEYC Home Page
National Association for the Education of Young Children Home Page.

Brooke Harris - Early Childhood Education
This is a page for Early Childhood professionals.

U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services
One subdivision of the Department is the Administration for Children and Families.

U. S. Department of Education


Association for Supervision & Curriculum Development Home Page


Ask ERIC Home Page

ERIC Query

Ask ERIC toolbox


Legal Information Institute at Cornell.

Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy

House of Representatives Law Library

WWW Virtual Law Library at Indiana.

EdLaw Inc. Education Law Inc. Emphasis is on resources for special education.

Americans with Disabilities Law.

Internet in General

Some sources of general interest to all.

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Time (US Naval Observatory)
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Telnet TIME at Navy Observatory
Getting the time by telnet to the Naval Observatory is a little more accurate!

Collection of Internet Search Tools
Provided by the Administration for Children and Families.

YAHOOLIGANS: Internet Search Tool for KIDS!

YAHOO Internet Search Tool

You can do a direct YAHOO search from here! Just type in your search query and click on the button.

WEBCRAWLER Internet Search Tool

The New Jersey Intercollegiate Network's Home Page.

NY State Library

This is a jargon-free explanation of the World Wide Web and how to use it.

Virtual Software Library
This provides some sources of computer programs which can be downloaded.

The Library of Congress

THOMAS (Government Documents &c.)

Supplementary Materials

Bob Curtis's Presentation Paper

NJ Internet Providers List

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