Edwin Dodge Cuffe, S.J.

April 25, 1915 - November 23, 1979

Entered Jesuits: August 14, 1932
Ordained Priest: June 17, 1945
Final Vows: August 15, 1949

The phrase "Ed Cuffe, priest" comes from a story he enjoyed telling when he and Father Fitzsimons were together returning from a trip to Europe. (I think from Rome and a meeting on the future of Juniorates in the Society.) As he tells it, at customs they were asked their name and occupation. Fr Fitzsimons responded in his most rhetorical tones "Matthew J. Fitzsiomns, Educator!" and Fr Cuffe said very humbly "Ed Cuffe, priest."

Some poems written by Father Cuffe

Here is a little something I found on the www at http://mleddy.blogspot.com/2005/10/happy-dictionary-day.html

For October 16, 2005 - Michael Leddy's Blog
As it's Dictionary Day, I'll mention that my most memorable dictionary experience has been looking up the word tappen in the Oxford English Dictionary. Edwin Cuff, SJ, a funny and wonderful man, suggested that I look it up. I later learned that he pointed countless students to the joys of the OED via this word.

Father Cuffe's Ph. D. thesis titled "An interpretation of Cleanness, Patience, and The pearl from the viewpoint of imagery" is published (1951) on microfilm and is in the library at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. It is about "The Pearl" which is the classic Middle English poem.

Father Cuffe's thesis is available from Google Books.

Edwin Dodge Cuffe as a student
at Saint Andrew-on-Hudson
Poughkeepsie, New York
Novitiate and Juniorate

Cartoon of Father Cuffe at America House