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50. Lakes of Northern Jersey, Lakes in General - Their Origin - North Jersey Lakes - Artificial Lakes - Semi Artificial Lakes, by Max Schrabisch


51. Lakes of Northern New Jersey, Effects of the Ice Age - Franklin Lake - Crystal Lake - Bear Swamp - Sheppard Pone, by Max Schrabischp, (Continued, but not noted at the end of this article.)


52. Lakes of Northern New Jersey, Their Aggregate Area and Depth - Pompton Lake and Its Lore - Rotten Pond - Tice's Pond - Greenwood Lake, by Max Schrabisch, (Continued, but not noted at the end of this article.)


53. Lakes of Northern New Jersey, Terrace Pond the Unique - Ascending the Mountain - An Untamed Wilderness - At the Goal - Trapped by Swamps, by Max Schrabisch, (Continued, but not noted at the end of this article.).


54. Lakes of Northern New Jersey, Lake Surprise the Midget, Hank's Pond, Mud Pond the Boy Scouts' Paradise by Max Schrabisch


55. Lakes of Northern New Jersey, The Conservation of Potable Waters - Intake Reservoir - Macopin Lake - Charlottesburg Reservoir - Cedar Pond - Clinton Reservoir - Buckabear Pond - Hank's Paond - Old Ridge Reservoir - Dunker Pond - Canistear Reservoir, by Max Schrabisch,(Continued, but not noted at the end of this article.).


56. Lakes of Northern Jersey, Round Pond and Long Pond on Kittatinny Mountain - Ruggedness of this Region - Adundance of Indian Campsites - The Rockhouse on the Mountainside - An Aboriginal Mountain Trail, by Max Schrabisch,(Continued, but not noted at the end of this article.)


57. Lakes of Northern New Jersey, Picturesque Swatsmore Lake, Physical Features of this Region, Testimonials of the Redman, The Mecca of Vacationists, by Max Schrabisch


58. Lakes of Northern Jersey, Lake Hopatcong - Its Situation and Physical Features - In the Days of the Aborigine - An Attractive Summer Resort, by Max Schrabisch, (Continued, but not noted at the end of the article.)


59. Lakes of Northern Jersey, Lake Owassa the Idyllic - What's in a Name? - Its Environs - Why the Red Man Came Here - Near to Nature's Heart, by Max Schrabisch


60. Lakes of Northern Jersey, The Origin of the Lake - Wawayanda Lake - An Obstruction Basin - Sand Pond on Hamburg Mountain - A Rock Basin Due to Glacial Erosion - Beaver Lake on Sparta Mountain - An Example of the Combination Type, by Max Schrabisch ,(Continued but not noted at the end of this article.).


61. Lakes of Northern Jersey, The Stranded Glaciers - New Wawayanda Lake - Prehistoric Landmarks - The State Y.M.C.A. Boy's Camp - The Muckshaw Swamps and Their Lore, by Max Schrabisch


62. Along The Lakawaxen, Off for the Mountains - The Jumping Off Place - A Hillside Bungalow - Deserted Quarries - A View from the Quarry, by Max Schrabisch


63. In the Hills of Pike County, Up and Down the Cliffs - Searching Out an Old Trail - A Visit to Dan Beards's Camp - The Red Man's Camping Ground, by Max Schrabisch


64. Nature Lore of Pike County, The Abundance of Wild Life - Testimonials of the Indian - Keeping Tabs on the Flowers - Under the Hemlocks, by Max Schrabisch


65. Tales From the Hills, Unwritten History - The Wilderness Trail - The Lack of Good Roads - Autumnal Vegetation, by Max Schrabisch


66. Seen By The Wayside In Pike County Wilds, Interviewing Gifford Pinchot - A Woodland Ramble to Five Point Corners - An Indian Rock Shelter - The Harbingers of Fall, by Max Schrabisch


67. From A Wayfarer's Diary, Canal Boat days in Pike County - The Kimbles Quarries - Old Stone Cabins - Canine Memory, by Max Schrabisch


68. Early Days in Pike County, Pioneer Families - The Old House on the Hillside - A Prehistoric Rock Dwelling - A Chipping Place - The Lost Cabin, by Max Schrabisch


69. Abroad With Nature, Summer's Declining Days - A Stroll Along the Hilltop - Building a Bridge - An Old Homestead, by Max Schrabisch


70. Pike County Curiosity, The Buckskin Cave Near Glen Eyre - A Typical Rock Shelter - Results of Exploration- A Well-Known Deer Run, by Max Schrabisch


71.The Passing of Our Local Indian Sites, City Growth and Development - The Red Man's Fishing Places - Between Moffat and Wagaraw Bridges - The Glacial ridge North of Fifth Avenue Bridge, by Max Schrabisch, (Continued, but not noted at the and of this article.)


72. The Passing Of Our Local Indian Sites, The Lone Camp on Goffle Hill - Goff;e Brook Sites - The Alyea's Pond Workshop - The Ancient Village at Fairlawn, by Max Schrabisch,(Continued, but not noted at the end of this article.)


73. The Passing of Our Local Indian Sites, Along Bellair Road - Rosemont and Vicinity - Eastside Park - At the Mouth of Tannery Brook - Old Menechenicke (Concluded), by Max Scrabisch


74. Paterson's Oldest House, A Phoenix Out of the Ashes - Indian Occupation of the Land - The First Title Deeds - Genealogy of the Vreeland Family - The Oldest Local Turnpike, by Max Schrabisch


75. When Haledon Was Young, First Purchases of Land - Pioneer Settlers - Old Roads - Notable Houses - Early Industries, by Max Schrabisch


76. Through Rocky Wilds In Search Of Terrace Pond, Man's World Versus Nature's - Taking Note of Plant Life - The Vegetation of the Marshes - Struggling Through a Tangled Wilderness, by Max Schrabisch and Russell B. Evans

77. Threading Our Way to Terrace Pond (Concluded), Perplexities of Orientation - Geological Structure of Region - The Effects of Glaciation - How the Pond is Fed - The Tarn and Its Environs, by Max Schrabisch and Russell B. Evans


78. Wild Cat Mountain, Its Situation - General Topographic Features - Exploring With a Vengeance - The Red Man's Haunt - The Sombre Realm of Leafless Trees, by Max Schrabisch


79. Allamuchy Mountain, General Description - The Red Man's Traces - A Snake-Infested Region - A No-Trail Climb-Botanical Treasures, by Max Schrabisch


80. The Indian Rock Shelters West Of Pompton Plains, Eagleback Mountain and Vicinity - Glacial Reminders - Aboriginal Days - The Three Rockhouses on the Hillside - Interpreting the Evidence, by Max Schrabisch


81. A Visit to the Museum of the American Indian, A Unique Institution - Situation and Style of Building - Arrangement of Collections - South American Exhibits - An Inspiration to Modern Designers, by Max Schrabisch


82. Towaco Mountain and Vicinity, Description of Mountain - Its Geological Past - Aboriginal Inhabitants - Ancient Rockhouses - Prehistoric Highways - Early White Settlers, by Max Schrabisch

83. Indian Rock Shelters in Southwestern Ramapo Mountains, Topography of Region - The Oakland Rock Shelter -The Fox Creek Shelter - The Bear Swamp Shelter - The Shelter West of Halifax, by Max


84. Smith's Clove And Its Storied Past,General Survey of Region - Evidences of the Vanished Race - The Era of the Pioneer - Revolutionary Days - The Old Intrenchments, by Max Schrabisch


85. Torne Mountain and Torne Brook Valley, Situation of the Mountain - General Features - Aboriginal Memorials -Torne Brook Valley - Local Traditions - Views From the Mountain Top, by Max Schrabisch


86. The Rise Of Paterson And Its Early Industries, Reclaiming the Land - Society Useful Manufactures Max Schrabisch


87. Horsestable Rock The Ancient Haunt Of Indian And Outlaw, Environmental Features - An Interesting Landmark - How I Found It - Its Description - The Work of Exploration - Interpreting the Evidence - Significance of Coins, by Max Schrabisch


88.The Passaic Falls in Days Agone, Water Power and the Birth of Paterson - The Valley of the Rocks - Grotto of Records - The Reservoir - The Observatory - The Chimney - Bass Rock - Passaic Island, by Max Schrabisch

89.Indian Title Deeds And Proprietary Licenses, The English Conquerors - Evasions of the Law - A Notable Case - Aquegnonke Tract Deal - Manorial Grants, by Max Schrabisch


90. Bear Rock, a Prehistoric Landmark, A Successful Search - Situation of the Rock - Its Character and Environs - The Easterly Compartment - The Westerly One - General Observations, by Max Schrabisch


91. Old Indian Place Names Near Paterson, Insignificance of Aboriginal Records - Hills and Their Ancient Names - Rivers and Brooks - Lakes and Swamps - Neighborhood Names - Miscellaneous, by Max Schrabisch


92. The Story Of An Old House, Situation of Landmark and Its Surroundings - The Garritsen-Van Wagoner Family - Subduing the Wilderness - Signs of Aboriginal Occupation - The Stirring Days of 1770, ( To Be Continued) by Max Schrabisch


93. The Story Of An Old House,( Concluded), The Passaic-Saddle River Tract of Land - Genealogy of the Garretson Family - Priceless Heirlooms -When Slaves Were Kept, by Max Schrabisch


94. Aboriginal Trails of Northern Jersey, General Factors - Inferential Evidences - The Minisink Path - Hoboken- Little Ferry-Wallington Route - Passac River Trail - Sicomac Trail - Oldham Brook Path(Trail), by Max Schrabisch


95. Aboriginal Trails of Northern Jersey,(Concluded), Garret Mountain Trails - At the Great Notch - The River Path - An Ancient Wading Place - The Clove Track - The Pompton Valley Thoroughfare, by Max Schrabisch


96. Indian Burials Places Along Lower Passaic Valley, Graves in General - The Prehistoric Cemetery at Passaic Skeletal Remains East of the River - Within Paterson City - Further Upstream, (To Be Continued), by Max Schrabisch


97. Indian Burial Places of Northern Jersey, (To Be Continued), Bergen County Sites - At Jacksonville - A Cave Burial - In the Vicinity of Newton - South of Catfish Pond - The Minisink Cemetary - Delaware Water Gap - (To Be Continued), by Max Schrabisch


98. Indian Burial Places of Northern Jersey, General Distribution of Sites - Large Cemeteries - Smaller Burials - Single Graves - Single Skulls - Ossuaries, by Max Schrabisch


99. By Auto to Sussex County, Our Route of Travel - Going Astray - Gum Hollow - Signs of Spring - The Return Trip, by Max Schrabisch


100. Along Familiar Trails, An Historic Spot - Sauntering Hillward - Haunts of the Red Man - The Urge of Spring -Forbidden Ground - A Charming View, by Max Schrabisch


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