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Scientists Stop Light - New York Times article 1/18/01

Directory of interactive physics applets for educators and students

Einstein website

Scientific American The Magazine


History of the Electron from AIP

X-ray from 1896 of hand with buckshot made at Columbia University
Photograph of Roentgen

X-ray and electron diffraction patterns

Pendulum: Period as a function of Amplitude from The Physics Teacher January 1981

ERRORS in physics textbooks

Physicists on the Money

The Mpemba Effect Why hot water freezes faster than cold!

SELECT Physics Exercises

Physics Humor

Space Elevator - a great concept!

About "Life" on Mars

Stephen Hawking Home Page

Comet Hyakutake Images

Comet Hale-Bopp

Physics Lovers' Paradise

NASA Science Education

Monumental Moments in Space and Exploration

Physics for Advancement 3600
Summer Course at Dwight-Englewood School


Hackensack High School

Class Related Items

Professor Kingsfield's Speech and thoughts about taking physics by Funky Winkerbeam

Fermi Questions

Logarithms: An Introduction to Their Use by Robert Kern Curtis (1970)

Thales of Miletus: Father of Physics

Table of all SI prefixes

The FOUR Laws of Thermodynamics



AP Courses See the College Board's official comments!


Physics Resource for students and teachers

The College Board Online.

AP Physics - College Board Online.

The Barometer Story of a student and his answer to the question "How can you measure the height of a building using a barometer?"

The Momemtum Problem (2D) in two dimensions done out with complete solution.

Babe Ruth Problem Giancoli 4ed., page 73, number 63.

Advanced Placement Physics Assignments The Mechanical Universe etc., course assignments.
The Mechanical Universe
Thomas Apostol
David Goodstein
Richard Olenick

College Preparatory Physics Assignments Physics 4th Edition by Giancoli, course assignments.

(Archived 1995-96 AP PHYSICS assignments are HERE)

(Archived 1996-97 AP PHYSICS assignments are HERE)

(Archived 1995-96 CP PHYSICS assignments are HERE for Modern Physics (1990 ed) course.)

(Archived 1996-97 CP PHYSICS assignments are HERE for Physics 4th Edition by Giancoli (1995 ed) course.)

Fractured Physics by Dorothy-Ann Parent and Tom Grigsby

MIT Physics Course 8.01 This course is like our AP Physics course in its stress on mechanics and the depth of the problems.

Physics Web New Site for Physics Materials

The Calculus Net of calculus resources available, including texts, solved problems, etc.

Physics Lab at Hopewell Valley Central High School

Michael E. Flatté University of Iowa - Optics Course - (Husband of Jennifer Kirsch '83)

Constants, Units, and Uncertainty from the National Institute of Standards and Technology

PERIODIC TABLE of the Elements

Chart of the Nuclides

Unit Conversions

Current Phase of the Moon

Sky Online Sky and Telescope Page

Astroweb Astronomy resources on the WWW

The 88 Constellations and Their Brightest Stars

NASA Home Page

NASA Imaging Radar Home Page

National Institute of Standards Page

Royal Greenwich Observatory Information Leaflets

The Directorate of Time

Mathematical Resources (Caltech)

Non-Euclidean Geometry

Other Physics Resources

Glenbrook Physics Class Bulletin Board
Glenbrook Physics Multimedia

LASER SAFETY A collection of resources

SETI Stuff Search for ET

Donald Simanek's Home Page A resource about both physics and education, and much else. Includes link to How to Study Physics by Seville Chapman.

PIRA Physics Instructional Resource Association

Richard Feynman page with links

The movie INFINITY with Matthew Broderick as Richard Feynman

NASA Observatory

Particle Physics and Other Physics Resources

Domain of Philips Electron Microscopy


Princeton Plasma Physics Lab Home Page

Brookhaven National Laboratory

National Science Teachers Association Home Page

New Jersey Science Teachers Association Home Page

American Physical Society Home Page

American Association of Physics Teachers Home Page

American Institute of Physics Home Page

C3P Project

Physics Newsletters

Physics News from the American Institute of Physics published when there is news, about once every week or two. Archives are also available.

What's New (in physics) from the American Physical Society is a rather opinionated summary of political and scientific aspects of physics in the United States. Back Issues and HTML format

Physics Educators' News from the American Institute of Physics is an experiment in keeping physics teachers informed and telling them (us) about freebies, grants, publications, etc. Archives are also available.

Newsletters from the American Institute of Physics

ARRL Newsletter (Ham Radio)
Note that there is a great deal of physics in Ham Radio, for more check out our Radio Club page

More Physics Links

Physics Links

Science Links for students at Dwight-Englewood School. Excellent window on the Internet.

LISTSERV mail discussion groups


Pictures of Albert Einstein

Einstein by Karsh the stuff of postage stamps....

Blackboard used by Albert Einstein May 16, 1931, at Rhodes House, Oxford, in the second of three lectures on "The Theory of Relativity"

Einstein at April Fools' Day, sticking his tongue out at us.

Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Cartoon ...when physics dealt mostly with falling bodies


"The drinking bird" - a page for the famous drinking bird toy/demonstration. It is left to the viewer to figure out how it works!

Disk and ring John Spadafino and Kristin Zisa experiment

Conway Interview Yes, he's a mathematician!

Affordable College Online Guides

The BBS at Hackensack High School's physics laboratory was called THE LABORATORY. The telephone number was (201) 342-5659. Rates: 300 to 33000 bps. 8-N-1 is best.

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