Robert Kern Curtis                      Date of Birth: June 11, 1940
  287 Hamilton Place                      Age:  79
  Hackensack                              Married - one child 
  New Jersey   07601                      Height: 6' 1" 
  (201) 489 0354                          Weight: 215 lbs
  June 1985 - Present
     Attorney at Law (admitted to practice in New Jersey, June 6, 1985). 
     General practice of law. 
  February 2004 - September 2006
     Chair of High School Mathematics and Science Departments. Curriculum
     Coordinator for Mathematics and Science (grades 7-12).
  September 1969 - February 2004 
     Teacher at Hackensack High School, Hackensack, New Jersey. Hackensack
     Public Schools' Computer Education Coordinator (from 1999). Founder (1969)
     and Faculty advisor of the Hackensack High School Amateur
     Radio Club and trustee of the Club Station, K2HHS (formerly WA2LYJ); 
     Faculty Advisor for the school Philosophy Club. From October 1993,
     Faculty Advisor for National Honor Society Chapter. Runs 
     Hackensack High School WWW page ( and computer 
     bulletin board for students and teachers (201) 342-5659. Has taught 
     regular high school courses in calculus, chemistry, computer science, 
     earth science, electronics, Latin, philosophy, and physics.
     Hackensack High School Science Curriculum Advisor (1992-1994).
     On January 27, 2004, elected Mathematics and Science Chair (grades 7 -12)
     effective February 1, 2004.
     President of the Hackensack Education Association (1979-1981; 1997-2004); 
     Neogtiations Committee (1976-1989;1996-2004); Chairman, Grievance Committee
     (1976-1981; 1997-2004); Faculty Representative (1974-1979 & 1981-1997). 
     Member of the Board of Governors, the Holmstead School, Ridgewood (1986-
     present). Member of the Advisory Board, Holley Center, Hackensack (1980-
     Teaching in the Dwight-Englewood Summer School:
        Physics for Advancement (1994 - 1999).
     Teaching in the Hackensack Secondary Summer School: 
        Geometry (1991); Geometry and Algebra II (1990); Geometry (1989 &
        1988); Algebra I and Algebra II (1986 & 1987); Geometry and General
        Science (1981 & 1982); Commercial Arithmetic and General Mathematics
        (1977 & 1978);  Algebra I (1971-1974).
     Teaching in the Hackensack Evening School: 
        Introduction to Law (1980) 
        Physics and Trigonometry (1970-1971) 
     Teaching In-service course for the Hackensack Public Schools: 
        Law for Teachers (spring 1986 & 1988)
        WWW Publishing using HTML (spring 2001 & fall 2002)
     Also taught courses for high school credit to small classes before 
     and after school in Latin, calculus, philosophy, psychology, 
     theoretical mechanics, and electricity & magnetism. Taught students 
     to operate the school's computer, an IBM System /3, and to program it 
     using Fortran IV. 
  1967 - 1969 
     Taught geometry and introductory physical science at Xavier High 
     School, New York City; Assistant school discipliniarian and Faculty 
     Moderator of the school's Photography Staff and Press Club. 
  Spring 1967 
     Director of Public Relations and a Director, Jesuit Seminary & 
     Mission Bureau, New York City. 
  1965 - 1967 
     Taught geometry and introductory physical science at Brooklyn 
     Preparatory School, Brooklyn, New York; Assistant school 
     disciplinarian and Faculty Moderator of the school's Photography 
     Staff; Director of Public Relations for the School. 
  Summer 1966 
     Assistant to the Vice President for Business & Finance, Fordham 
     University. (A summer internship program.) 
     J.D. Seton Hall Law School 
          Rank in class: 71 of 323; GPA: 3.19 
          L.S.A.T. scores: 714 and 706 
          Research assistant to Professor D. Michael Risinger. 
          Judge, Appellate Moot Court Competition (1984, 1986).
     M.S. in Ed. (physics: curriculum & teaching) Fordham University 
          Graduate Record Examinations scores (July 1967): 
             Verbal: 730 99%ile    Math: 710 98%ile 
     Ph.L. (philosophy) Woodstock College at Shrub Oak, N.Y. 
     A.B. (physics) Fordham University 
          Had sufficient credits for majors in Classics, mathematics, and
          philosophy, as well as physics. 
     Xavier High School, New York City 
     Science Honors Course; Jr. R. O. T. C. 

  Courses at Jersey City State College (6 credits) in Improving
     Education through Supervision and in Supervising Early
     Childhood Education, spring 1996.

  National Science Foundation summer "institute" in microcomputer 
     applications in physics teaching, Seton Hall University, summer 1979. 
  National Science Foundation summer "institute" in Project Physics 
     at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, summer 1975. 
  Courses at Fordham Law School (20 credits), 1971-1972. 
  Was in the Society of Jesus (Jesuits), 1958-1969. 
  Holds a permanent teaching certificate in New York for: 
  Holds permanent certification in New Jersey as: 
               TEACHER OF LATIN
  Extra Class amateur radio license. Call letters are K2RLW. 


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  ("I most especially want to thank my research assistant Robert K. Curtis,
  without whose patience and diligence I could never have stumbled through
  the fog I originally found myself in when I first encountered the law of
  'just compensation'.")

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