Strange Places to Sleep

One of the side-effects of sleep-deprivation is falling asleep in strange places. I'm not talking about slightly inconvenient places, like when I'm sitting in the front row of my fluid mechanics class, doing homework at the desk in my room, or sitting in front of this lovely Hewlett Packard. No, those are such common places for me to sleep that I now consider them "bed". I'm referring to situations such as:

Since I put this page on the web, I've gotten e-mail from people who are concerned about my sleeping disorder. So to calm your worries, I thought I should clarify: I don't spontaneously fall asleep because I have some kind of weird disease which prevents me from controlling my eyelids. It's just that I stay awake for days at a time (because I hate to stop whatever I'm doing to go do something boring like lie in bed) - so my body gets the sleep it needs at whatever odd moments I let it (i.e. when I'm doing something boring).

Note: a few people have written to me about "funny" incidents where they've fallen asleep while driving. I don't think it's funny at all to put other people's lives in danger.