Beverley Carol Meadows and Robert Kern Curtis

December 26, 1971

Photographs by William P. Orchard and Ralph F. Jozefowitz
who had been students of science and photography at Xavier High School

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Vera Meadows, Beverley Carol Meadows, Ronald Meadows

Vera Meadows, Mother of the Bride with Marilyn Hall

Patricia, Rosemary, Beverley, Cindy, Joyce

Ronald, Vera, Beverley

Rosemary Radley

Joyce Meadows

Marilyn Hall

Patricia Holmes

Cynthia Des Marais

Ronald Meadows and Beverley Carol Meadows

Robert, Ronald, Beverley, and Rev. Charles Little

Rev. Charles Little, Robert and Beverley

Rev. Frederic Gehring, C.M., Robert and Beverley

Phyllis Curtis, Groom's Mother, Robert, Beverley and Vera

Ronald, Bride's Father, Robert, Beverley, and Vera

Cindy, Beverley, Robert, Robert Webber, Best Man, and Rosemary

Robert and Beverley

Rosemary Radley, Brian Meadows, Joyce Meadows, Robert Hall, Marilyn Hall, Robert Curtis, Beverley Meadows, Robert Webber, Cindy Des Marias, Louis Kern, Jr., Patricia Holmes