Jesuit & Former Jesuit Reunion
Wernersville 2017

June 14, 2017, through June 18, 2017.

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Click here for list of deceased attendees of Wernersville gatherings [.pdf format]

at Frascati (6/17/17) and in the Novices' Aula (6/16/17, 6/17/17)

Photo's by Bob Curtis NY 58
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Not at Frascati:

My 19 month-old Grandson, Robert Louis Daidone-Curtis

Bob Stump NY 60

David Cusick MD 48

Chris Cusick and Ron Bowers NY 49

Vic Alessi MD 57

Karin Ringheim Brockway

James Doran NY 60

Robert Dewar MD 64

Jean Withrow and Jim Haggerty MD 61

George Bur SJ MD 59 (Current Wernersville Rector)

Jim Redington SJ MD 62 and Bob Krasnansky MD 62

Bill Wurzel MD 64

Ron Bowers NY 49

Joe Monte MD 51

Bob Dewar MD 64

Small Group Discussion:
Bob, Bob, Jim, Jerry Fangmann, and Chris

Jim Doran NY 60 and two others

Jim Haggerty MD 61

Karin Ringham Brockway and Vic Alessi MD 57

Bart Sullivan MD 51

Marty Gallagher MD 56 and A. J. O'Brien MD 55

Ed Springer MD 57

Chris McManus MD 62 and Karin Ringham Brockway

Larry "The Librarian" Snyder MD 57

Ron Bowers NY 49

Chris McManus MD 62, Tony Berret SJ MD 58 and Glenn Slocum MD 59

George Gilmore MD 56 and others in Aula