June 15, 2019

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Photographs by Jim Doran NY 60

Organizing the day

George Brockway MD 59 making a suggestion while Bob Kranansky MD 62 looks on.

John Cunningham makes a suggestion. Oliver Beuchemis BUF 65 and Steve McClure MD 60 listen attentively.

The long dark corridor.

In the Refrectory

George Gilmore MD 56 and Bill Wurzel MD 64

Jim Healy MD 61 and George Gilmore MD 56

Jim Healy MD 61

In the hallway

Bob Kranansky MD 62 and Jim Haggerty MD 61

Jim Haggerty MD 61 and George Brockway MD 59

Jim Redington SJ MD 62

Joe Riordan MD 58 and Dave Mulrooney MD 62

In the Aula

A. J. O'Brien MD 55 and Rich Hass MD 64

Jerry Fangmann MD 57

Pat McGeever MD 57 and Karen Clark

Pat McGeever MD 57

Steve McClure MD 60 and group (Ed Plocha MD 65 and Carol Stone and back of George Brockway MD 59)

Ed D'Alessandro MD 65 and Constance O'Hearn, widow of Ted Maclin CAL 40


About the Crucifixion Mural in the Chapel